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Kaviar Scat – Toilet Banned Compilation Desperate Wetting and Poop - AbigailDupree [2017 / HD]

I peed my pants.. I was forced to be away from my Master for the entire weekend. I'm so used to asking for permission to pee that I hardly knew what to do with myself. I had two orders. Drink as much fluid as humanly possible and ask for permission to pee when I couldn't hold it any longer and when i got permission, relieve myself in whatever I was wearing at that time for the camera. This excited me so much and made me feel so close to Him. The warm piss running down my legs and soaking my clothing was like His hands gently caressing me and telling me "good girl". My bladder was throbbing and I struggled to hold it long enough to get away into a private place and make sure the lighting was perfect. Sneaking my wet, piss filled pants into the laundry was so exhilarating. I didn't think I would have a poo over the weekend but I ate a big meal of bratwurst and enough roasted corn to feed a flock of chickens for a week. I felt the turd surfacing and it was a moment of desperation. I could barely wait for His response to my plea but finally. I heard "yes my slave, show me your poo up close".I propped my phone on the toilet and let my corn filled load pile out onto the top of the toilet lid. So greasy and spotted with corn kernels. Completely empty I felt so clean and turned on. I couldn't wait for the morning when I'd get to see Him and have my clean holes filled by Him
Shitting – 2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave  - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave. Eating from a plate for me is the most difficult (you need to swallow constantly and there is no opportunity to relax), but in the future I want to do this with three girls - it will be very tough! Shit Yana had a stronger smell and smell. The first spoon I ate shit Christina - it's more familiar to me to taste. Next, I tried to take in a spoon immediately 2 crap to feel a range of flavors - this is the most pleasant with such eating.
Scatology – Messy Three Day Scat Enemas and Piss Drinking - AbigailDupree [2017 / FullHD]

Abigail Dupree has held her bladder all day and night and hasn't had a shit in three days. First things first. She empties her vitamin filled piss into a large vase and pours herself a glass to drink. She barely chokes it down without puking. Then she takes the rest of her piss and fills up her enema bag with it and tops it off with water to make sure she gets her ass nice and full along with her budding turd. Her tummy aches as she almost empties the entire bag into her ass. Enema after enema after enema she cleans out her colon by shooting it onto the wall of the tub. It's messy and painful but also such a relief to get all of that shit out of her.. finally. She can't help but to play with the big piles of poop in the tub by rubbing them all over her
luscious ass. Time to get all clean! she soaps up and rinses the turds down the drain and she is clean as a whistle.
Opera – OPUD-284 Activated Beauty Salesperson One-time Limited Edition Scyro Descreening -  [2017 / FullHD]

OPUD-284 現役美容販売員 1度限りの桃尻スカトロ脱糞
Dirty Anal – Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina - Christina, Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

Sweet breakfast in the ovulation cycle from Christina. Christina treated me with her sweet, morning shit and a large dose of vaginal discharge - she now has an ovulation cycle!
Piss – Shit on a stick - KV-GIRL [2017 / FullHD]

Shit on a stick
Anal Sex – Tail with crap vollgeschmiert and blown - KV-GIRL [2017 / SD]

I shit my husband on the belly smear all the shit on his cock. I blow the tail suck my fingers and continue to bubble until the tail squirts
Big Pile – For my Secret Lover in China - LittleMissKinky [2017 / HD]

horny pooping for my secret lover. if u want to see how I pack my shit that u buy, watch it ,-)
Scat Swallow – SHOT BLEED SUCK - KV-GIRL [2017 / SD]

I shit my husband on the tail but it is very solid with me and it comes out only a puke so my husband gives me his shit. I spread her on his cock and blow him. I'm not so practiced and throw it completely on his cock and continue to bubble until it comes
Ich scheiße mein Mann auf den Schwanz aber es ist sehr fest bei mir und es kommt nur ein Kückel raus also gibt mein Mann mir seine Scheiße. Ich verteile sie auf sein Schwanz und blasen ihn. Ich bin da noch nicht so geübt und kotze ihn voll auf sein schwanz und blase weiter bis es kommt