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Shitty Pussy Compilation - CosmicGirl  [2019 / HD]

Masturbating and feeling my warm shit in my pussy makes me cum so hard! This listing includes 3 super hot shitty pussy masturbation clips!

1. Riding My Shit Covered Toilet 
2. Fuck My Shitty Pussy
3. Fucking My Ass And My Shitty Pussy
Feeding You A Massive Meal Of Shit - CosmicGirl [2019 / FullHD]

Open wide slave, because it’s time to do you human toilet duties for the day! I feed you the biggest meal you have had all week… straight from my swollen rosebud! so I hope you are extra hungry! Cause it’s my shitty used toilet paper I am feeding you afterward for dessert!
Scat – Sucking A Shitty Cucumber JOI - CosmicGirl [2017 / HD]

Sucking my shit off a dirty used cucumber after double penetrating myself with 2 large vegetables. Includes jerk off instruction/encouragement and striptease scenes too!
***(No actual shitting scene in this one, I only suck the dirty used cucumber at the end of the clip/ but its still hot as fuck. it's 19 minutes long and IMO very much worth the extremely low price)***
Messy Diaper Squish! - CosmicGirl [2017 / FullHD]

Wearing my cute and very frilly pink dress, Goodnites diaper and a pink PVC diaper cover. I model my cute dress for you and flip it up to show you what I am wearing under it. I have to poop so bad, so I just go in my diaper.. make the biggest most stinky mess in my diaper. I climb up on the couch and squish my dirty diaper against the arm of my couch, riding my couch hard until the poo starts to leak out the sides of my diaper! I take off my diaper to show you the huge nasty mess I made! I am such a naughty girl!
File name: pinkdiaper
Shitting On The Birthday Cake - CosmicGirl [2017 / FullHD]

Giant Poo In My Pink Nike Tempo Gym - CosmicGirl [2017 / FullHD]

Shitty Doll Sit And Squash - CosmicGirl [2017 / FullHD]