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Toilet slave serves 4 ladies in sauna with MilanaSmelly -  [2017 / HD]

Toilet slave serves 4 ladies in sauna. The pig is chained to the chain and waiting in the toilet while the girls eat hamburgers, drink Coca-Cola and relax in the sauna, but the girls also want to shit and wait for this moment! It’s time, Christina says: girls, who wants to shit, where is our dog? Christina led the dog and he began to lick his feet – the girls laugh, spit on him and humiliate him – it’s funny how low he fell, the last nonentity, now they will shit in his mouth. Your life is to serve as a toilet for girls! He is hungry and waiting for the girls to start taking off their panties and unloading their delicacies from their asses. The room was hot, the girls were sweating! The girls devastated their asses, took a shower and left, and the slave filled with their shit went home.
Shit-party on the beach with MilanaSmelly -  [2017 / HD]

Shit-party on the beach. 4 young girls fed a shit adult-married slave!
Group use of female toilet slave with MilanaSmelly -  [2017 / HD]

Group use of female toilet slave. This time the princesses used me after the holidays – they ate a lot of varied food and their asses were filled with a variety of crap. Today Yana was very hot and very tasty. I did not expect this when I lay down under it – warm diarrhea began to flow into my mouth in large portions! I swallowed very quickly so that diarrhea does not glass on the floor. Christina saw how Yana crapped my face and laughed. I ate Yana’s diarrhea and Amina took her place! Amina cooked for me two solid pieces of shit that clung strongly to the teeth (Amina loves chocolate – it makes her shit sweet and sticky) even when I ate delicious shit of Christina, I felt shit Amina on my teeth. The third I was raped by Christina, she crapped powerfully and with a fart. Her pile quickly filled my mouth, and the remnants fell on top of her mouth. Girls do not want to touch their shit – it’s disgusting and disgusting for them! I had to feed myself, and the girls laughed and humiliated me.
Scat Bitch Pride with Abbraxa -  [2017 / FullHD]

This is a very special enema clip. After putting on my little slave outfit, I slip in my shit tank outfit. It’s a turd catcher. Fasten by belts to my hips; the tank is hanging between my tights and fixed in a way to collect the shit stream as it falls out from my anus. Stimulated by this warm champagne injection I then begin to shit in the tank. Proud of my shit load I dance around to display what was in my gut. After what I empty the shitty liquid in my enema bottle and fill up my rectum to later spew it back in the tank for more shitty fun. The scat juices will not be wasted because after a few shit exhibitions round, I empty it over my tits and watch the scat flow roll down along my filthy body and into my hi-heels shoes.
The 45 min scat exam with Abbraxa -  [2017 / FullHD]

Yes! 45min. of every possible nasty angle you get on my shitty anatomy. Close view of my pee hole in action. Close ups from my anus. You can watch every aspect of my pussy as it rejects the shit I packed into it! After massive water drinking and fruit eating I get so full of shit and pee that I can’t even wait for the cam to be ready before excrements begin leaking. I drop of a huge load that I soon start packing hard in my cunt. Pushing it in with my whole hand I manage to recycle all my shit for future fun. Then I begin to pee, and pee and pee even more. And it’s so wonderful to see my pussy dropping shit as the pee flows goes on. The cam explores every possible angle to let you discover all my dirty holes secrets. Originally filmed in an hour and a half it was edited down to 45 min. to keep only the running flow action. It’s a mega piss and scat production! I fart and burp over a river of scatty liquid running down from my intimacy to the floor. So good, my partner wouldn’t stop masturbating during the shooting and editing. A must for real perverts!
Scat Paint with Abbraxa -  [2017 / FullHD]

Painting a house apartment can be a boring job, unless body painting becomes part of the job. In this clip there is so much shit, it will almost fill the paint pan because Abbraxa is been holding it in for almost 4 days! You can watch shit run out of her hole for more than half of the clip! So much shit that when she starts smearing her whore body, shit still run out of her filthy anus for a few minutes. She then sucks on the fellow painter, as a reward, she gets the rest of the shit pan emptied on her head and take is cum shot in the face.
All A Toilet Wants Is More with LoveRachelle2 -  [2017 / UltraHD/4K]

You’re a HUGE pervert, hiring me and not even wanting sex–you want something so much nastier than pussy could ever give you. I tease you for your desire for not even wanting my ass, just what it can GIVE you. Stay down and open your mouth, and eat my giant firm load… after that huge log make sure to keep up with my ass as I push out even more and more, toilet! A proper toilet can take whatever I give it. But it looks like I don’t even have to demand, you’re gobbling up all my poop as soon as it leaves my ass afterall! You must have been FAMISHED for shit, toilet. Is that true? I’m going to have to keep you here, I think, chained up as my toilet from now on, so I make sure you get enough to fill your stomach on your new shitty diet
Hot Chocolate For My Piggy with LoveRachelle2 -  [2017 / UltraHD/4K]

You’re a hungry piggy aren’t you? Get under my throne and open your mouth, I bet a pig like you is just STARVING for some hot chocolate! Straight from the source! I tease you a bit before sitting down and hovering this thick full ass over you, and groundhog a cheesy shit over your face. I had too much cheese and now you will too! Everything I ate will go through your body and ass as well. Open wide and take it ALL in! A good pig eats up all my chocolate
EvaTeen und Moderatorin CamAngel Teil 1 Kiel - EvaTeen [2017 / SD]

Creampie Den Freund meiner Mitbewohnerin gefickt CREAMPIE fucked the friend of my roommate - LilliVanilli [2017 / FullHD]

Beim masturbieren im Auto erwischt Caught masturbating in the car - Eva-Berg [2017 / FullHD]

Public Fremdgeh-Date Warst du auch so nervos gewesen Public Fremdgeh-Date! Would you have been so nervous - Schnuggie91 [2017 / HD]

So kann unser User Video aussehen This is how our user video can look like - Kleine-Lisa [2017 / HD]

Drehpartner abgesprungen ICH WILL OUTDOOR-SPERMA! Recognized and fucked! My first USERDREH - FariBanx [2017 / HD]

Das GANZ BESONDERE DANKESCHvN JEANS EXPERIMENT - Does he jump on it? - FariBanx [2017 / HD]

presents -  [2018 / HD]

Chinese Bondage - Extrem am Hals - RealesFetishPaar [2018 / FullHD]

FunnyHill und EvaTeen - Teil 2 - Funny Hill, Eva Teen [2018 / FullHD]

Halt auf dem Rastplatz, wahrend dem Essen einfach gepisst… - sexiluder [2018 / SD]

Portrait Extreme 4 - Gaby, Nina, Leola, Kleines Rehauge [2017 / SD]

Vier Frauen - ein Wunsch: endlich mal ins Maul gesch zu kriegen. Davon hat Leola aus Munchen schon lange getraumt und sich schon paar Mal einen drauf „g?wixt", wie sie in ihrem unnachahmlichen Munchner Akzent gesteht. Zuerst hat sie, ein bisschen Angst davor gehabt, doch heute wird ihr Traum endlich wahr. Als Thaur ihr gleich die ganze Packung gibt, wird gleich weiter „g?wixt" und als Thaur mit seinen Fussen die „Distribution" der Packung auf das ganze Gesicht regelt, kommt regelrecht Orgasmusfreude auf. Gefragt ob sie jetzt in ihrem Shithead- Outfit auf die Stra?e gehen wurde gurgelt sie folgsam „Wenn mein Herr und Meister es befiehlt", doch fur heute soll es erstmal genug sein.
Das „kleine Rehauge" dagegen kommt, weil es ihr sehr wichtig ist, ihre Psyche zu uberwinden, wie sie ein wenig umstandlich erklart. Viel Tam-Tam und Diskussionen und „bitte nicht gleich die volle Ladung" sondern „schon langsam nach und nach". So schleckt das Rehauge erstmal ein kleines Stuckchen Sch... und schwupps: schon ist die Psyche uberwunden.
Auch Gabi Nr. 1 hat sich ihre „Premiere" fur Thaur aufgehoben. Weil sie spater mal im Filmgeschaft tatig sein will, strengt sie sich besonders an und kommt mit Hasenohren und Wascheklammern-Adlerflugel an den Brustwarzen. Ganz uberzeugt sie zuerst nicht, weil sie, obwohl sie brav „sch... in mein Maul" nachgesagt hat, immer ihren Mund zumacht und vielleicht eine Runde zuviel kichert. Immer wieder au?ert Thaur den schwierig zu erfullenden Wunsch „alles sauberzulecken", was naturlich nicht so einfach ist, wenn das ganze Kopfchen zugesch ist. Deswegen gibt's auch noch mal einen strammen Arschfick vom Meister hinterher. Trotzdem wird Gabi Nr. 1 doch lieber noch mal vor der gro?en „Filmkarriere" ins Kitkat-Traininglager geschickt:
Pluspunkte sammelt sie, in dem sie X-mal bedauert, wie unbequem er's beim Sch.. in der Hocke hat, was sich bei ihm zu einem langeren „Geschaft" entwickelt. Auch durch langanhaltendes Arschlecken gibt's kein volles Package, obwohl Gabi durch Arschbohren nachhilft. Gottseidank stehen im Haus gleich Rolf und Axel bereit, die an diesem Tag besser drauf sind. Hier kann Gabi sich als Treppen-Toilettensklavin wirklich fur jede Avantgarde Filmrolle profilieren. Ersterer ka... ihr ein Haufchen in den Mund, um es gleich anschlie?end in Gabis gro?es Maulchen zu rammen und erfreut die beiden kritischen Tester anschlie?end damit, wie sich es sich zugesch auf der Treppe mit ihrem schwarzen Dildo selbst besorgt. Zu guter Letzt kommt die dicke Nina, die „obwohl sie eigentlich dominant" ist, es auch mal probieren will. Thaur besteigt im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes den Fleischberg und vogelt sie in seinem ureigenen Staccato-Stil in den Arsch. Doch als es dann zur Sache geht wird aus der selbstbewussten Nina, die noch frech „gibs mir gibs mir" gerufen hat, ein renitentes Wesen. „Zu bitter" kommentiert sie die erste Ladung und will nicht mehr mitspielen.
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