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Shit on the watch and rode (1/2) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

After the hairy milf strapped the clock around her tail and blown it hard, she shit on the clock and tail a nice thick bunch, she rides it to orgasm and is still soaked with her shit. Have fun watching
His face shit and fucked (2/2) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

 In this film, her engraver shits into the condom beforehand and fucks the milf briefly, but that is quickly too boring and too clean for the two pigs, so he quickly pulls the condom out again and presses the shit out of the condom directly onto her mouth and smeared her face and hot tits while he fucks her and in the end still jerks off in her face. Have fun watching
His face shit and fucked (1/2) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

In this film, her engraver shits into the condom beforehand and fucks the milf briefly, but that is quickly too boring and too clean for the two pigs, so he quickly takes the condom off again and presses the shit out of the condom directly onto her mouth and lubricate her face and her nice tits while he fucks her and in the end still jerks off in her face. Have fun watching
She eat shit husband, asks be my toilet - Mistress  [2020 / FullHD]

Recently, married couple wrote to me, they have watched lot of my films, it excites them, turns them on, kindles desire. They want to be my slaves, and girl wants to be my toilet, toilet slave girl. Looking at my films, she gradually began to taste the shit, play with it, smear, lick and take it in her mouth. She wants, strive to develop and be my toilet. Playing with herself and fantasizing, she imagines how she will be under me, how she will open her mouth and warm, smelly shit will go right into her mouth, curl up on her face and form big pile of shit. She happily and enthusiastically digs her husband’s ass, takes out the shit from it and smears her face, licks and sucks dirty fingers. And in fit of passion, smearing shit on cock of her beloved, sucks his dirty cock, licks shit off it. She’s dirty girl, she has potential. I think I’m going to let them become my slaves. I allows fulfill this insatiable girl’s dream and she become my living toilet bowl, she be eat my shit.
Enjoying dirty games and masturbation - Mistress  [2020 / FullHD]

I love dirty, shitty games, and I started train my new slave girl to them. I smeared her all over with shit so that the smell of shit would permeate her body. And I want to shit. Powerful stream of urine hit her right in the grateful open mouth, and she began to drink my urine. Soft shit fell out of my ass, lie in her mouth and on her face. Enjoy my gifts dirty slut, please your Mistress, fuck me in ass with strap-on, fuck with your hand, it’s such buzz. Yes, Yes, that’s it, Aah. Well done, I am cum. Lick shit off your hand that you took out of my ass. You like our dirty games, you like to please your Mistress. You also want to cum, start masturbating dirty slut, I like to see you all in shit squirm and cum
Milf, Period, Thin Shit and HighHeel (Part 2/2) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

Here the hairy milf shits into a high heel that her stick has on the tail and of course her stick does not let it take the dirty filthy piece with her shit to sow her tits and face while he pleases her with his big cock . Have fun watching.
Tampon, blood, shit and a hot fuck(2/2)  - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

fuck each other and fuck a dildo (1/2) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

In this hot kackefick movie, the hairy milf shits her stick in the face while he licks her, then the milf lies on her back holding her cunt and lets her stick shit in the middle of the wide open pussy and then with a dildo fuck the shit in the cunt before her engraver then fucks the milf hard in different positions and smeared her face and body. Have fun watching
Scat + piss drinking + dirty blowjob - DirtyBetty  [2020 / FullHD]

I farted all day, and wanted only one thing to dig deeper into my husband’s fragrant cock! I like to swallow it, drill it with my tongue, and also make it really dirty and so delicious! Just see how I will rub this lovely dick with my great sticky shit, I will mix it with saliva, I will swallow it .. did you think that was all? At some point, I decided to pull out my sour-salty golden treat! A bottle with our urine that has an unrivaled aroma, can I drink it completely? I am so excited that I’m literally ready to choke on her, a lot of gagging with saliva, shit, snot, urine, and of course a full mouth of warm sperm! This is exactly the cocktail that I wanted, it remains to mix everything in the mouth and.
scatfuck with my biggest poop (part 4/4) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

In this part the little filthy sow is shot again missionary before she is finally screwed up with a shitty face. Have fun with the final part
Passion, desire and lust for my shit - Mistress  [2020 / FullHD]

She’s lying on the floor, worried, she’s laughing, but she’s afraid because today her first taste of my shit. She wanted it, asked, and here she is, my toilet, my little shit-eater. I Crouch over her, my ass hanging over her mouth. Open your mouth, my toilet whore, and I’ll fill it with shit. A stream of diarrhea runs right into her mouth and she calmly accepts it, this makes me very happy. For the first time, I gave her free rein, and what a surprise. She savors my shit, licks it off her face, hands, smears over her chest, all over her body, she likes my shit. Suck, play with strap-on, suck deeper, I love when suck with snot, with drool. Here is you lot more strap-on, show yourself, please yourself. She does not hesitate introduce dirty in the shit strap-on in the pussy, jumps on it, enjoys. Licks, drives on her titties and fucks herself again. “Mistress, can I cum”, these words are like music to me, I see that now she is mine, she is enjoying everything that is happening. Meet my new toilet slave girl Maya, I hope you like her as much as I do. Now you will often see her on your screens
scatfuck with my biggest poop(part 3/4) - Versauteschnukkis  [2020 / FullHD]

In this part the hairy filthy sow is taken doggy after her asshole has been properly lubricated with the brown lubricant and then changes to the rider position while the face and tits are getting more and more sucked with their hot shit. Have fun watching
scatfuck with my biggest poop(part 1/4) - Versauteschnukkis [2020 / FullHD]

 in this part the hairy milf is smeared nicely with her shit after shitting a huge pile on the tail of her engraver. Have fun watching
Dirty cunnilingus in the kitchen - ModelNatalya94  [2020 / FullHD]

Hello everybody. This video was shot a long time ago. My girlfriends and I decided then to play in the kitchen. Usually we did this when we wanted everything in the toilet. We made various dirty games in our rooms or in the kitchen. This time it was the kitchen, we with Yana and Alice were undressed only in stockings. Each of us lay on the sofa and got hot cunnilingus and poop on our body and a golden rain. We shit on each other’s bodies and wrote, and then we smeared shit on the girl’s body.
Loaded Panties into your mouth - NaughtyPuma  [2020 / FullHD]

Good morning, my lovely boy! I have something for you. And I don’t have to tell you exactly what it is. Just listen how I poop my panties with this heavy crackling sound… And open your mouth. I will smear my loaded panties by your lips!
Eat my cookie - NaughtyPuma  [2020 / FullHD]

Hello my hungry boy! Lay down and open your mouth. My butt is cooking something big for you! Taste my wet syrop through my panties and prepare for one big and hard cookie
Caroline's all in our shit - ModelNatalya94 [2020 / FullHD]

Carolina's all in our shit - ModelNatalya94 [2020 / FullHD]

Scat Extreme Pissing And Fuck Foursome Russians -  [2020 / FullHD]

Eat and smear shit my happy toilet - Mistress  [2020 / FullHD]

 I trained my slave girl love shit, smear and eat it. And now she enjoys every second, eating shit, taking it in her hands and with pleasure smear it to her young beautiful body. Inhales the stinky fragrance and masturbates, cums.
1. My happy toilet all covered in shit
I want to shit so bad. Just managed to sit down and shit a powerful stream escaped from my ass right on the slave girl. I didn’t I didn’t have time to sit on her mouth, i shit on her belly, her breasts. But never mind, let she scoop up by hands and eat my semi-liquid shit. Lick my dirty ass, wipe it clean of shit. She is excitation, smiles happily, takes the shit in her hands. Starts smearing shit on face, neck, and body, tries to erase the remnants of her innocence. Caresses small breasts, here handful of shit going straight to her mouth, she wants to play. This slut playfully smiles, licks her lips, swallows my shit. She’s so depraved, shit covers all body, chest. She squirms, posing, it’s so erotic, so sexy. My happy toilet bitch enjoys shit
2. Be dirty toilet bitche is enjoyment
Be dirty toilet bitche is enjoyment, be dirty bitche is a paradise.
My toilet slave girl is happy when she’s in shit. She has become so perverted bitches, that she shits and eats her shit, drinks her urine and vomiting with a smile on her face, enjoying all these dirty actions. She luxuriates in the bath smearing shit on her breasts, stomach, and perineum. Excited by the realization of what a lowered bitch she is. Masturbating and cumming jet. She is so happy, she is in her dirty paradise
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