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Scatting Domination – 2 mistresses tore my mouth and crapped into it - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

2 mistresses tore my mouth and crapped into it. The sharp ends of the brush painfully sucked into my mouth and throat causing a lot of microscopic wounds. The brush strongly injures the mucous and the sensation of shit becomes more acute! The girls were ruthless and put the toilet brush very deep to the throat and rotated to inflict more wounds. The next morning my mouth and lips were very sore.
Scat – Sweet Shitty Morning - Adelina Frau Toilet [2017 / FullHD]

Usually I sleep up to 12 hours, but today I was awakened by my toilet slave. He is my toilet and he is very hungry. He took off my clothes and kissed my feet and my arms. I was angry that he dared to wake me up and I slapped him. As punishment for his behavior, I command him to kiss and lick my sweety asshole. Then I shitting in his mouth right on the bed and make him swallow his breakfast. In addition, I spit in his mouth. But it seems he really liked this punishment. Eat my shit and enjoy this morning!
Femdom Scat – Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

Banquet for a 3-course toilet slave. Yesterday my princesses used me again. Yana was the most smelly and sweet - she cooked for me a huge sticky and very sweet pile! The first treat I took from Christina - with a powerful fart she dumped my face to her shit, which I very quickly ate, because I love the taste of her shit! The second treat I received from Yana - her shit was thick and sticky, swallowing it was the most difficult since there was a lot of it, every time I swallowed a new portion my mouth immediately filled with a new one. Last meal I took from Amina - a small piece of hard shit and a large portion of urine, I did not want to drink so much urine, especially at the end, when I was filled with shit, but Amina wanted me to drink all of her urine. At the beginning of the video, the girls used my mouth to brush their feet - it was very pleasant to spend time with them - they laughed and talked about their women's affairs! I knew that at this moment they strongly want to shit and wait. After talking to the girls decided who will go to the toilet first, second and last.
Scat – New girl Alice. 30 years old height 181 - Alice [2017 / HD]

New girl Alice. 30 years old height 181
Femdom Scat – 2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses. Kristina and Yana were very well prepared this time - they accumulated large piles of shit! Yana went to visit her mother and ate a lot, her shit contained a large number of grains that clogged her teeth. And Cristina's shit was sticky and with a strong taste (as usual). It was a difficult swallowing. The girls were very persistent and very smelly. === The girls were happy to see the feeding table that I did!
Femdom Scat – 2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

2 mega big heaps of shit from princesses. Kristina and Yana were very well prepared this time - they accumulated large piles of shit! Yana went to visit her mother and ate a lot, her shit contained a large number of grains that clogged her teeth. And Cristina's shit was sticky and with a strong taste (as usual). It was a difficult swallowing. The girls were very persistent and very smelly. === The girls were happy to see the feeding table that I did!
Human Toilet – Clean the shit boots completely -  [2017 / HD]

Our boots licker gets a lesson to learn. The small cattle is whipped and feels our heels, his tongue can only lick every spot of our boots, then Miss Jane shits a fat bunch directly on my boots. The loser must of course clean everything with his tongue, the shit is swallowed down and the floor also cleaned. I piss directly into his mouth, in the future he will suck any dirt from our soles, no matter what sticks to it *smile*.
Leck die vollgeschissenen Stiefel sauber
So wird ein Stiefellecker abgerichtet. Das kleine Nutzvieh bekommt ordentlich die Peitsche und unsere Heels zu spüren, seine Zunge darf erst jeden Fleck von unseren Stiefeln lecken, dann scheisst Miss Jane einen fetten Haufen direkt auf meine Boots. Der Loser muss natürlich alles mit seiner Zunge reinigen, die Scheisse wird runter geschluckt und der Boden ebenfalls gereinigt. Zum nachspülen pisse ihm direkt in sein Sklavenmaul, zukünftig wird der abgerichtete Stiefellecker jeglichen Dreck von unseren Solen lutschen, egal was dran klebt
Extreme Scat – Mistress Roberta - Mistress Roberta [2017 / FullHD]

ANOTHER PERFECT EPIC MOVIE WITH GODDESS ROBERTA ! Mistress Roberta become more and more bizarre !!! Today, on Easter, she love to have some purple balls at disposal. She tie her slave, CBT HARD to his balls and cock and play with them, teasing and destroying them. She allow her toilet to clean her asshole and order him to lick her dirty asshole before she will feed him. She shit in her hose socks and she push the full sock in his mouth. Mistress Roberta allowed her toilet to stroke his shitty cock, only on Easter, as a nice reward..being her toilet for many many months ! Slave was in a hurry to cumm until Mistress countdown was finished but..cannot ! Even if his cock remain hard, with shit on it, Mistress was not completelly satisfied..Slave will remain in chastity in this case another few months !
Scatting Domination – OPEN GOOD THIS SEWER - Mistress Gaia [2017 / HD]

The mouth of my slave is a real sewer which deserves all my shit. I have a lot of shit, today! So, I discharge on his mouth to form a kind of pyramid of shit. Feel that smells good? But today my little slave has some difficulty swallowing, so I order him to swallow by closing his mouth with the adhesive tape. A video priceless because I shot it personally, only for my depraved admirers!
La bocca del mio schiavo e' una vera fogna che merita tutta la mia merda. Ho un sacco di merda, oggi! Cosi', la scarico tutta sulla sua bocca fino a formare una specie di piramide. Sentite che buon odore? Ma oggi il mio schiavetto ha qualche difficolta' di deglutizione, cosi' lo costringo a ingoiare chiudendogli la bocca con il nastro adesivo. Un video prezioso perché l'ho girato io personalmente, solo per i miei depravati ammiratori!
Shitting – 2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave  - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave. Eating from a plate for me is the most difficult (you need to swallow constantly and there is no opportunity to relax), but in the future I want to do this with three girls - it will be very tough! Shit Yana had a stronger smell and smell. The first spoon I ate shit Christina - it's more familiar to me to taste. Next, I tried to take in a spoon immediately 2 crap to feel a range of flavors - this is the most pleasant with such eating.
Scat Humiliation – 3 girls powerfully fed me with their shit and urine  - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

3 girls powerfully fed me with their shit and urine. It was fantastically cool - Christina, Jana and Amina (Amina drank a laxative, because she was afraid that there would be constipation - I found out about this before the session) used me in turn. The first was Yana, she always had liquid shit, but there was a lot of it - she was well prepared! The second was Christina - her shit was less liquid and stronger to taste, it was more difficult to swallow. As always, Christina urged me hard, making me swallow faster, and at the end I drank a large portion of my beautiful urine. Amina went into the third room - her shit was the coolest - liquid, orange diarrhea - I saw this for the first time, at that moment it was difficult for me, but I could. So Amina has given me a large dose of urine. === I almost did not smell, but the tastes of the girls were very, very different, if I was with my eyes closed, I would easily recognize the girl to the taste of her shit. It was amazing to feel so many different flavors and know that I should swallow everything so that the girls were satisfied. It's cool to know that every next girl does not know what was before her and it does not bother her - her goal is to feed me her shit and leave this smelly room. Cool and scary when you do not know what a surprise for you prepared the next girl. At the time when one of the girls was in the room, the other two were in the corridor and chatted cheerfully and listened to music. Before the session, Amina drank 3 glasses of vodka to relax and smoked - she was worried because this is her first session. The girls had a great time! If a fourth girl had come into the room, it would have been fucking cool, but I do not know if I could . === I reviewed this video 3 times, I still can not believe that I did it - I served three very stinking and beautiful girls!
Scatting Domination - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

2 mistresses used a toilet slave. Today I served two girls at once! Christina was full of shit and urine, and Yana prepared badly and awarded me a small portion of diarrhea with secretions.
SCAT HUMILIATION - Mistress Gaia [2017 / SD]

This slave really needed a lesson. So I decided to humiliate him with my piss and my shit. This human toilet had forgotten his true nature. The next time I'm sure he will be more respectful and will behave better.
Questo schiavo aveva proprio bisogno di una bella lezione. Cos? ho deciso di umiliarlo con il mio piscio e la mia merda. Questo cesso umano aveva dimenticato la sua vera natura. La prossima volta sono sicura che sar? pi? rispettoso e sapr? comportarsi meglio.
Shit was a lot, the taste and smell was amazing - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

Shit was a lot, the taste and smell was amazing, I tried to swallow large portions to do everything quickly and not upset Christina - she does not like when I swallow a long time and she has to wait. When I ate everything, I was thirsty and with great pleasure
Lady Yana crapped in my mouth with a sweet diarrhea - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

Lady Yana crapped in my mouth with a sweet diarrhea. Today I felt the taste of Yana's shit. It was really sweet! I waited so long for this moment that I quickly and happily ate everything that her ass unloaded into my mouth.
BOOTLICKERS SCAT CAVIAR - Mistress Gaia [2017 / SD]

You lead your male slave on all fours and a leash into the room. First he must kiss and lick your boots and he gets some face slaps and you spit in his face/mouth. You then tie his wrists and ankles with duct tape and make him lie down on his back on the floor. Next you put a hook mouth spreader gag into his mouth to keep his mouth wide open. Once the gag is in place you squat over his face and urinate and defecate into the open mouth of the slave. You watch him having the caviar in his mouth and over his face and humiliate him verbally before you remove the spreader gag and tell him to eat your caviar. To help him you push the caviar further into his mouth with your heel which the slave has to lick clean of course. Please be very strict with the feeding and emphasize on swallowing. At the end you stuff all the remaining caviar - including the caviar which lies on floor - into the slave's mouth with your gloved hands. Next you wrap his mouth very tight with plastic wrap and you spit on him a couple of times and then leave the room. ITALIAN richiesta personalizzata - Lei porta il suo schiavo nella stanza tenendolo al guinzaglio e facendolo camminare a quatto zampe. Innanzitutto lui deve baciare e leccare i suoi stivali; lei lo schiaffeggia e gli sputa in faccia e in bocca. Poi gli lega i polsi e le caviglie con del nastro adesivo e lo fa stendere con la schiena sul pavimento. Poi gli applica in bocca un divaricatore a uncino in modo da tenerla ben aperta. Quando il divaricatore e' fissato, lei gli si accovaccia sopra e gli piscia e defeca nella bocca aperta. Lei lo osserva mentre lui e' li, con il suo caviar in bocca e sulla faccia; poi gli toglie lo spreader e gli ordina di mangiare il caviar. Per aiutarlo gli spinge il caviar in bocca col suo tacco che poi lui deve ripulire con lingua. Per favore, sia molto decisa nel farglielo mangiare e sottolinei che lo deve ingoiare. Alla fine spinge tutto il caviar rimasto, compreso quello caduto in terra, nella bocca dello schiavo con la sua mano guantata. Poi gli avvolge strettamente la bocca con un foglio di plastica, gli sputa addosso un paio di volte ed esce dalla stanza.
My shit for breakfast - Princess Nikki’s [2017 / FullHD]

My stupid wake me up from my beauty sleep, expecting me to make him some breakfast. What the hell! He can't be that stupid! So I make it pretty clear that his breakfast most likely will consist of bread, or what is processed trough my body! I tell him to lay down, and I will for sure feed him with my shit! That is all he get! First I put a big dump in his mouth, but there is more.. I give him a double dose for breakfast! I give him some pee in between the turds, so that he can drink something as well. When I am done I ask if he was happy about his breakfast.. He was smart enough to say yes! While he was consuming his breakfast I went to have my morning shower. Double cam filmed. The shitting is included from both cam angles.
Very tasty dessert from Christina - Smelly Milana [2017 / HD]

A high heel in the cock -  [2017 / HD]

You have to show a slave now and then, that nothing belongs to him, the opening in his skull I use as a toilet and the tail, that hangs on it, I split with my high heel. So I remind him that I do not just own his life.
Die High Heels im Schwanz
Einen Sklaven muss man hin und wieder zeigen das ihm nichts gehört, die Öffnung in seinen Schädel benutze ich als Toilette und den Schwanz der an ihm runter hängt spieße ich mit meinen High Heel auf. So rufe ich ihm in Erinnerung das mir nicht nur sein Leben gehört.
We have a new young lady - Princess Mia [2017 / FullHD]

Mia spent this night at the club, where she met Jessica. Mia easily found a common language with this beautiful girl. Mia told Jessica that she had a slave to be used instead of a toilet, and she pissed and shit into his mouth. Jessica confessed to Mia that she dreamt of her own slave, whom she would torment, beat and humiliate. Jessica certainly did not believe Mia that she had a slave, but Mia offered her to come home and use the hungry slave. She agreed with a smile, and friends went to the Mia's house. Jessica noticed the slave, was very surprised and at the same time was delighted and immediately asked Mia to take this toy for a day. Jessica told that she dreamt to wake up every morning and instead of morning gymnastics just to beat the man and shit in his mouth. Mia said that she needed to think. And until then she can shit into the slave's mouth. And Jessica did. Mia, of course, also delivered a whole bunch of delicious chocolate into the slave's mouth. Jessica told the slave that next time she would not only place shit into his mouth, but also brutally beat him. She would also invite girlfriends to feed him with shit. To be continued .
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